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  • Strategic Communication Planning

  • Media Relations

  • Messaging

  • Content Development

  • Communications Coaching

  • Crisis Communications Planning

Past Clients​

Strategic Communication Planning

Is communications integrated into your broader goals?

SGB Strategies can help you leverage communications tools and tactics to reach your organization’s goals.

We can help you develop an annual calendar integrating communications projects and messaging into your routine activities or launch a major initiative. SGB Strategies can also audit your existing communications structure and recommend simple fixes to enhance your engagement with target audiences.

Media Relations

SGB Strategies can help you develop creative angles for your story and work with local, trade and broader news outlets to earn coverage. Sarah will also conduct a preparation session before key interviews, including how to phrase your message, techniques to control the interview, what to wear and how to maintain control of the appearance.

  • Media strategy and outreach

  • Bylined articles

  • Press releases and press kits

  • Media lists

  • Media training

  • Press conferences and press tours


Many organizations tend describe their programs and initiatives in ways that make sense to those who live them every day, rather than to target audiences. SGB Strategies will work with you to define the key, basic elements of your program and outline the actions you want people to take while incorporating language that resonates with your target audience.

Content Development / Writing

SGB Strategies can develop written content across a variety of platforms, tailored to resonate with your specific audience and incorporate your messages.

  • Website copy

  • Print materials (brochures, fliers, etc.)

  • Training materials (in coordination with your experts)

  • Articles 

  • Blog posts

  • Mass emails


Communications Coaching

SGB Strategies will share insider tips for success in public speaking and media appearances. To build your confidence, we will cover how to phrase your message, techniques to control your message, what to wear and how to maintain control of the appearance.

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